Private Home Installation, Mt. Adams

March 2016, Urban Blooms completed one of our favorite gardens to date. This 2 story Living Wall is the Tri-State’s tallest Living Wall standing 22 feet tall. This installation is not only unique for its height, but also for the custom ‘Plasma CNC Cut Stainless Steel Frame’ which encompasses the garden. This touch along with the plant layout selected gives this living wall a much more modern feel than most of our other projects. The natural aesthetics of living plants juxiposed by the almost industrial feeling of the homes poured concrete floors, stainless steel railings, and unfinished steel stairs, creates a truly captivating visual experience.

Benefits from Living Walls located in such a central location in ones home:

  • Removes almost 5 LBs of airborn dust from the home every year due to a bio-static attraction between dust and the the leafs of plants, improving asthmatic conditions
  • Naturally Remove Cancer Causing VOCs from your homes air
  • Less Noise Pollution as indoor sound levels are lowered 5-10 db
  • Increased Immune Function and a reduction in both Stress & Anxiety
  • Higher Oxygen-CO2 ratio in home resulting in Higher Blood Oxygen Levels and increased performance