Urban Blooms-EO-6851

E+O Living Wall

Our living wall at E+O kitchen serves as our flagship indoor living wall installation here in Cincinnati. This wall stands 8 feet tall and 18 feet wide, showcasing the beauty and diversity of tropical plants used in our living walls. This installation features 366 living tropical plants from 21 diverse species.

Prior to installation, we map out the available lighting on the pre-existing wall. We use this information to determine if extra lighting is necessary when designing our plant layout. Species must be carefully arranged to satisfy the light, moisture, and nutrient gradients which occur across vertical gardens. Our automated irrigation system provides each plant with the water and nutrients needed to thrive.

E+O kitchen itself, is an experimental take on an Asain-Latin fusion restaurant. We used bright tropicals to complement the vibrant flavors found across their menu. We even included plants which could compliment their dishes. Fragrant Jasmine flower buds can be plucked from 8 Jasmine plants and placed directly into any of E+O’s hot teas to create fresh Jasmine tea. We incorporated a dwarf, fruiting calamondin tree, into the display as well. Daring patrons are welcome to pluck the ripe fruits from the wall, cut them open, and use them in place of a lime with tequila shots!

We are so grateful to be a part of this new addition to Cincinnati’s food scene. This setting is the perfect place to introduce our new living wall technologies to the City of Cincinnati. So far this installation has been featured in two publications. E+O Kitchen was also nominated for “Best Designed Restaurant” in the 2016 Citybeat “Best of Cincinnati” Awards.