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Corryville Kroger Living Wall

Urban Blooms builds largest living wall in American grocery store

When the folks over at Kroger contacted us and expressed their interest in a living wall for their new Corryville location, we were ecstatic. As the nation’s largest grocer, Kroger is one of the most visible businesses in the Cincinnati area and just about everyone in the tri-state shops at their neighborhood Kroger. We knew that this wall would have to be special, and we (and they!) are all very pleased with the results.

The Corryville Kroger installation is the currently the largest living wall in an American grocery store. The 31-foot vertical wall spans 2 floors and is comprised of over 600 plants, creating a biophilic oasis in the heart of Cincinnati. The wall took only 1 week to build and has been live for 6 months. It features a fully automated zonal irrigation system and 100% artificial lighting. The plant layout was meticulously designed to match the specific moisture, light, and temperature micro-climates across the wall. Urban Blooms team members perform maintenance twice a month to ensure that the wall is always in pristine shape.


If you have questions about this installation or if you are interested in a living wall of your own, please contact us here.


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