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Cincinnati Flower Show: An International Adventure

In late January of 2016, Urban Blooms was approached by the Cincinnati Horticultural Society. This prestigious group invited us to create a living wall installation for the 2016 Cincinnati Flower Show. We were honored to take part in the only flower show in North America to be recognized by the Royal Horticultural Society in England. The theme of the 2016 show was “An International Adventure”. Each of the displays corresponded with one of Cincinnati’s sister cities. It was requested that the displays featured native plants from the assigned sister city.

Urban Blooms was assigned Amman, Jordan, as that was the last city yet to be claimed. We were thrilled at this, as our living wall designer, Tyler Wolf, had spent time in Jordan just 2 years prior. We were introduced to a local family from Jordan to discuss Amman’s common plants, and other features which would add to the display. This family actually had some mirrors and a native Bedouin couch which we were delighted to include in the display.

After weeks of brainstorming and research on native Jordanian plants. Along with attempting to source those plants here in Ohio, we had our design. Tyler drew from his experiences walking through the ruins of Petra. This ancient city dates back to the dawn of civilization and only remains as it is built into the sides of a cavern. He remembered walking through the winding cavern, amazed by the ruins that each new step revealed.

In order to mimic this feeling Tyler decided to incorporate a curved surface into our design. On this surface, rocks were mounted alongside Thrift, Rosemary, Oleander, Yarrow, and Ajuga. As you walk around the curve, a “living” room appears. In this space you find our “wall of reflection” and the Bedouin couch, cradled by fragrant Jasmine and Oregano.

We were very proud of this display, and many visitors exclaimed it was their favorite of the show’s exhibits. During the judging of the displays, we were flattered to received a silver medal, along with the award for “best first time exhibitor”.