Toyota South – Lexington, KY area

Urban Blooms spreads roots into Kentucky


The Urban Blooms story continues to grow! When we received a call from the other side of the river, we were excited to spread our roots and install a beautiful TV-framing wall at Toyota South in the Lexington, KY area. This 80 sq. ft. permanent installation around a unique custom stainless steel Toyota decal features our proprietary automated irrigation system and 15 species of about 150 beautiful plants to provide a unique, tropical experience for guests waiting in the showroom lobby. One of the salesmen has quite the green thumb, which is a win-win on the maintenance end, since the customer saves money and saves us from having to drive down there every month!

If you are interested in a living wall that perfectly frames your TV (or one that doesn’t!) please click here to get in touch.




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Corryville Kroger Living Wall

Urban Blooms builds largest living wall in American grocery store

When the folks over at Kroger contacted us and expressed their interest in a living wall for their new Corryville location, we were ecstatic. As the nation’s largest grocer, Kroger is one of the most visible businesses in the Cincinnati area and just about everyone in the tri-state shops at their neighborhood Kroger. We knew that this wall would have to be special, and we (and they!) are all very pleased with the results.

The Corryville Kroger installation is the currently the largest living wall in an American grocery store. The 31-foot vertical wall spans 2 floors and is comprised of over 600 plants, creating a biophilic oasis in the heart of Cincinnati. The wall took only 1 week to build and has been live for 6 months. It features a fully automated zonal irrigation system and 100% artificial lighting. The plant layout was meticulously designed to match the specific moisture, light, and temperature micro-climates across the wall. Urban Blooms team members perform maintenance twice a month to ensure that the wall is always in pristine shape.


If you have questions about this installation or if you are interested in a living wall of your own, please contact us here.


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Mayor’s Office, Cincinnati City Hall

Imagine our surprise when we were contacted by the Mayor’s office, wondering how they might be able to obtain an Urban Blooms living wall that they’d seen so much about. Well, we are proud to now call City Hall home to an Urban Blooms living wall installation!

The garden is located in the Mayor’s office. It aims to remind visitors and government officials of our city’s commitment to sustainability and natural beauty.

This installation features a recirculating automated watering system and copper accents to complement the aesthetic of the mayors office. The wall displays over 100 living plants from 7 different species.

If you are interested in purchasing a living wall of your own, please contact us here.

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TEDx Cincinnati Living “X” Display

Our Living “X” living wall was custom-built for the 2016 TEDx Cincinnati event. This installation features over 100 tropical plants, a custom built frame, and LED accent lights. This display serves as a stunning backdrop for the TEDx speakers and event as a whole. It also serves to showcase the beauty that can resonate when nature and technology are brought together in such harmony.

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GOOD FOOD #meatless Pop-Up Potluck


01 To Inspire.

We’re on a mission to make eating healthy, caring about the environment and being active in our communities the new wave.

02 To Educate.

This event serves as an opportunity to educate our community about the issues related to food justice, food insecurity and food waste.

03 To Build.

This event offers an opportunity to gather together an influential group of people in our community to share ideas and build with one another.

04 To Activate.

We want to equip people in our community with the tools to create real and lasting change when it comes to food, social and environmental justice.

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Tano Bistro, Loveland Sustainability Expo

In the spring of 2015, The University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program invited Urban Blooms give a presentation on green roofs and living walls. Following the lecture, a student approached our living wall specialist and co-founder, Tyler Wolf. She was curious if Urban Blooms could provide a temporary living wall for the Loveland Earth Day Sustainability Expo. She set up a meeting with the event coordinators and her mother, the owner of Tano Bistro.

Urban Blooms was happy to be able to bring a temporary living wall installation to the event. We had a team present at the expo to discuss living walls and to explain their sustainability impact. The Living Wall was even featured as the last stop on the Kids Sustainability Scavenger Hunt.

The kids were asked to take a ‘selfie’ with the wall before being able to collect their scavenger hunt reward – a tomato plant! Urban Blooms is always grateful to be a part of community events such as this. It fills our hearts with joy to be able to make an imprint on young minds, and show the beauty of sustainability.

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Cincinnati Flower Show: An International Adventure

In late January of 2016, Urban Blooms was approached by the Cincinnati Horticultural Society. This prestigious group invited us to create a living wall installation for the 2016 Cincinnati Flower Show. We were honored to take part in the only flower show in North America to be recognized by the Royal Horticultural Society in England. The theme of the 2016 show was “An International Adventure”. Each of the displays corresponded with one of Cincinnati’s sister cities. It was requested that the displays featured native plants from the assigned sister city.

Urban Blooms was assigned Amman, Jordan, as that was the last city yet to be claimed. We were thrilled at this, as our living wall designer, Tyler Wolf, had spent time in Jordan just 2 years prior. We were introduced to a local family from Jordan to discuss Amman’s common plants, and other features which would add to the display. This family actually had some mirrors and a native Bedouin couch which we were delighted to include in the display.

After weeks of brainstorming and research on native Jordanian plants. Along with attempting to source those plants here in Ohio, we had our design. Tyler drew from his experiences walking through the ruins of Petra. This ancient city dates back to the dawn of civilization and only remains as it is built into the sides of a cavern. He remembered walking through the winding cavern, amazed by the ruins that each new step revealed.

In order to mimic this feeling Tyler decided to incorporate a curved surface into our design. On this surface, rocks were mounted alongside Thrift, Rosemary, Oleander, Yarrow, and Ajuga. As you walk around the curve, a “living” room appears. In this space you find our “wall of reflection” and the Bedouin couch, cradled by fragrant Jasmine and Oregano.

We were very proud of this display, and many visitors exclaimed it was their favorite of the show’s exhibits. During the judging of the displays, we were flattered to received a silver medal, along with the award for “best first time exhibitor”.

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Private Home Installation, Mt. Adams

March 2016, Urban Blooms completed one of our favorite gardens to date. This 2 story Living Wall is the Tri-State’s tallest Living Wall standing 22 feet tall. This installation is not only unique for its height, but also for the custom ‘Plasma CNC Cut Stainless Steel Frame’ which encompasses the garden. This touch along with the plant layout selected gives this living wall a much more modern feel than most of our other projects. The natural aesthetics of living plants juxiposed by the almost industrial feeling of the homes poured concrete floors, stainless steel railings, and unfinished steel stairs, creates a truly captivating visual experience.

Benefits from Living Walls located in such a central location in ones home:

  • Removes almost 5 LBs of airborn dust from the home every year due to a bio-static attraction between dust and the the leafs of plants, improving asthmatic conditions
  • Naturally Remove Cancer Causing VOCs from your homes air
  • Less Noise Pollution as indoor sound levels are lowered 5-10 db
  • Increased Immune Function and a reduction in both Stress & Anxiety
  • Higher Oxygen-CO2 ratio in home resulting in Higher Blood Oxygen Levels and increased performance


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Urban Blooms-EO-6851

E+O Living Wall

Our living wall at E+O kitchen serves as our flagship indoor living wall installation here in Cincinnati. This wall stands 8 feet tall and 18 feet wide, showcasing the beauty and diversity of tropical plants used in our living walls. This installation features 366 living tropical plants from 21 diverse species.

Prior to installation, we map out the available lighting on the pre-existing wall. We use this information to determine if extra lighting is necessary when designing our plant layout. Species must be carefully arranged to satisfy the light, moisture, and nutrient gradients which occur across vertical gardens. Our automated irrigation system provides each plant with the water and nutrients needed to thrive.

E+O kitchen itself, is an experimental take on an Asain-Latin fusion restaurant. We used bright tropicals to complement the vibrant flavors found across their menu. We even included plants which could compliment their dishes. Fragrant Jasmine flower buds can be plucked from 8 Jasmine plants and placed directly into any of E+O’s hot teas to create fresh Jasmine tea. We incorporated a dwarf, fruiting calamondin tree, into the display as well. Daring patrons are welcome to pluck the ripe fruits from the wall, cut them open, and use them in place of a lime with tequila shots!

We are so grateful to be a part of this new addition to Cincinnati’s food scene. This setting is the perfect place to introduce our new living wall technologies to the City of Cincinnati. So far this installation has been featured in two publications. E+O Kitchen was also nominated for “Best Designed Restaurant” in the 2016 Citybeat “Best of Cincinnati” Awards.

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