Hilltop volunteers 1
tudents from The University of Cincinnati getting community service hours for their financial aid




By volunteering with Urban Blooms you have the ability to leave a lasting impact on the community of Cincinnati. You will likely help with construction of community gardens or living walls to be displayed for all to see. Help is greatly appreciated as we are a small team doing big things!

For high schoolers really looking to make an impact we have an apprentice program in which they volunteer for at least a month and learn the ins and outs of what we do and how we do it. They get to learn modern gardening of vertical walls to irigating planter boxes.





Volunteers from Crossroads Church building garden beds at The East End Veterans Memorial Garden

Urban Blooms is constantly working on new projects around the town so the best way to find out about volunteer opportunities is to check out our Google Calender, or Email us at Info@urbanblooms.org. Every Thursday from

9-12 at the East End Veterans Memorial Garden we have vets from the Cincinnati VA come down to participate in 3 hours of horticultural therapy. This is a highly recommended time to volunteer, the Vets appreciate anyone giving their time to help out and you can get a good taste of the work Urban Blooms conducts. Saturday is also a good time to check out the East End Veterans Memorial Garden, as we have at least one staff member there all day.



If you would like to volunteer please contact us at info@urbanblooms.org or call Tyler Wolf at 513-917-1111

Adam Barone -Head Volunteer, relaxing at the Hilltop garden after a long day of building garden beds

The First Apprentice Noah Rothchild