GROW Cincinnati

GROW Cincinnati

GROW Application

GROW Cincinnati by Urban Blooms is the first ever nonprofit program designed to improve communities through public living wall installations. Thanks to support from The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, Urban Blooms will be providing up to $25,000 in matching funding to neighborhoods in the Cincinnati area interested in a public living wall installation. This will reduce Urban Blooms’ already low cost of premium living walls down to $60/ square foot, a shockingly low number compared to the $250/ square foot these gardens normally cost in the private market. As a result, for the first time ever, communities will be able to decide where they would like to see these beautiful, state-of-the-art public installations in their neighborhoods. Where it makes sense with that particular neighborhoods future development plans. This will empower communities to achieve their goals and vision for their neighborhood, whether that be: attracting development, becoming more sustainable, increasing walkability, providing a cultural landmark, creating an educational resource, adding green space, providing havens for wildlife, or just giving something back to the people of that community.
GROW Cincinnati Living Walls will be awarded to two communities this first year. Neighborhood organizations are encouraged to summit application to Urban Blooms by July 1st. Each application will need to show the location of the proposed living wall, Social Impact, Economic Impact, Environmental Impact, support from the community, proof of matching funding, and permission from the building owner. We will judge each application based on Impact and Support from the community and award 2 communities GROW Cincinnati Living Walls. Awarded communities will also receive a grand opening neighborhood party in front of the wall upon completion.
For too long locations of Living Wall installations and beautification, in general, have been decided by wealthy building owners, and property developers. Often times the people living in the communities in which these efforts take place know little to nothing about the beautification taking place. This lack of communication and exclusion results in community members not feeling the pride and ownership they should what is happening in their community. GROW Cincinnati is Urban Bloom’s answer to this dilemma. By giving the power to dictate the location of beautiful living art installations to community organizations themselves, and then conducting place making activities at the installation sites, people of those communities should feel empowered

Bring GROW to my neighborhood!

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Veterans Garden Feature

East End Veterans Memorial Garden

The East End Veterans Memorial Garden (EEVMG) is located directly behind Eli’s BBQ on Riverside Dr. This garden houses, Harvesting Heroes, one of only three Veteran Horticultural Therapy Programs in the country. Harvesting Heroes is a partnership between: The Cincinnati VA, The Domiciliary for Homeless Veterans, EEVMG, Urban Blooms, Turner Farms, The City of Cincinnati, Ohio State Hamilton Country Horticulture Extension Office, and Cincinnati State. The EEVMG also is home over over 125 fruit trees, making it the largest public orchard in Cincinnati.

EEVMG Production Garden Beds


Every Thursday a bus full of veterans in the substance abuse or PTSD rehabilitation programs comes down to the EEVMG. While at the garden, veterans are taught various lessons relating to horticulture, while also learning and relaxing through “hands in the dirt” gardening projects.

Veterans working on a Tomato Teepee
Veterans working on constructing a Tomato Teepee
Urban Blooms Members with EEVMG founder Joe Coceran
Part of the Harvesting Heroes Team

The EEVMG also offers unique volunteer opportunities for students, civic organizations, and religious groups. This summer groups ranging from UC Faculty members, and  Xavier Students, to Crossroads Volunteer Groups have all came to EEVMG to help prep for the growing season.

Crossroads Volunteers


In order to finance operations, EEVMG sells Peach, Cherry, Apple, and Pear trees to individuals and community organizations. The garden also sells peppers, herbs, and spring mix to local restaurants all within walking distance of the garden.

Peach and cherry tree starters
Peach and cherry tree starters


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Hilltop Funding Successful

Hilltop Garden Successfully Funded!!!

A huge THANK YOU to all of our supporters who came together to successfully fund The Hilltop Community and Learning Project!

Urban Blooms conducted a $5,000 Kickstarter campaign on April 10th, if funded it would Cincinnati’s largest crowd sourced green space project. After a month of exciting conversations with Urban Blooms amazing supporters along with a social media outreach campaign we ended up receiving 52 donations to land squarely on our $5,000 goal!

One week after meeting that goal, we have already begun construction on our community garden beds as seen above. While this is just a piece of the funding that will be needed it is an crucial piece which we have already began leveraging in order to further close our budget. Our friends at Bezak have donated 15 yards of mulch which will be a huge help. Stay tooned, more exciting updates to come!

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