Meet the Team

Tyler Wolf
Executive Director and Living Wall Designer

Tyler grew up in Cincinnati alongside 32 first cousins, and was brought up by parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles who were all raised in Cincinnati as well. In his early years, Tyler assisted his father, J. Miles Wolf, on hundreds of architectural and nature photoshoots. This experience developed Tyler’s eye for framing both natural and built components in an artistic way.   Tyler attended school at North Avondale Montessori and Walnut Hills High School, where he learned about: great societies of the past, science and technology of the future, and how through millions of years today’s earth came to exist. Tyler took pride in challenging himself through high school, taking AP courses in the fields of economics, comparative government, psychology, and engineering. This challenging highschool experience, allowed Tyler to realizes and expand on his passion learning more about nature, science, and society; by completing an Environmental Engineering Degree, Entrepreneurship Minor, and Geography Minor in just 5 years from The Ohio State University.

During his time at Ohio State, Tyler was able to utilize the university’s vast resources and range of programs to gain an education on society, technology, and the environment from a number of unique perspectives. Those of the business man, the conservationist, and the engineer.

For his Entrepreneurship Minor, Tyler, was trained to see the world as a series of budgets, timelines, and business plans. While taking Human Resource Management, He learned valuable lessons in time management, personnel management, and public perception. In Social Entrepreneurship he was taught the value of goods and services that benefited society, and how to judge markets for such services.

During classes for his Geography minor, Tyler was exposed to the natural and social forces that govern how the earth was in its past, is in its present, and will be in its future. In Biogeography he learn about why species exist where they do and how they became what they are, the evolution of habitat, and the conservation strategies. From Climatology, he was able to gain scientific knowledge about weather patterns, climate trends, and tools to analyze the climate. A class in Globalization illustrated just how connected we all are, how that came to be, and the implications of a global society.

 Environmental Engineering School provided Tyler the technical tools and skills to describe, measure, and illustrate anything from chemical concentrations to water systems and treatment to infrastructure design. Throughout his time in engineering school, Tyler was able to accumulate: 5 years of AutoCAD experience, 3 years of ArcGIS experience, 3 years of basic and intermediate programing. In courses such as Air Pollution, Water Chemistry, and Water Treatment; chemical reactions occurring every day in the natural world around us were derived, analyzed, and utilized to determine if requirements were being met. In courses such as Water Resource Management and Pollution Modeling, physics were used to determine facts such as: whether a town’s water pressure would be great enough to reach a new suburb or how strong of a pump system would you need, how strong the concentration of a toxic chemical would be in a town if there was a spill so many miles away, and how pollutants travel through soil and water over time.

The moment Tyler saw his first Living Wall, he was instantly intrigued. This pushed him to learn as much as he could about living walls and even built two myself. After a few successful smaller gardens, Tyler realized that the culmination of his prior experiences and education had prepared him to bring this product into mainstream society. Tyler’s engineering background allowed me to conceptually picture, model, and quantify; all components of the vertical garden; from the soil nutrients, to the water system, to the physical structure. Courses in Geography taught him how to explain the environmental and social benefits provided by these gardens, and the important roll they can play in urban biodiversity and natural ecosystems. Entrepreneurship classes have taught Him how to structure a business in order to bring these gardens, and the benefits that go along with them, to the masses.

Cincinnati has and will always be considered Tyler’s home. He feels it has the potential to be the gold standard by which cities around the world are judged in the fields of: civic empowerment, responsible development, and quality of life. Tyler would love nothing more than to integrate the urban core of the city with nature by means of living walls. We have the potential to write Cincinnati in the history books as the city to master the utilization of nature in an urban metropolis. Forget Babylon, have you seen the Living Walls of Cincinnati?

Lily Turner
Outreach Director

Lily Turner is a graduate of Walnut Hills High School, class of 2009, and a veteran of AmeriCorps NCCC Pacific Region Class XVI. After working with several non-profits in AmeriCorps, she developed a passion for improving communities in need. In early 2014 Turner co-founded Urban Blooms with partner Tyler Wolf, and has since dedicated herself to serving the neighborhoods of her native Cincinnati through service and urban-beautification projects. Turner serves as the Outreach Director for Urban Blooms, while working toward a bachelors degree in Marketing at the University of Cincinnati’s Carl H. Lindner school of business.

Brendan Quine
Technical Development Director
Joseph Kabenji
Design Director

If you were ask Joseph what he does he will matter-of-factly respond with “I’m a designer”. He grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio designing whatever felt right at the time with whatever he could get his hands on. The scope of his work has been broad even at a young age. In the same day you could realistically find him entrepreneurially designing T-Shirts for presidential elections and a couple hours later see him dressed in black sneaking off with a backpack full of Montana Cans.

Five minutes into a conversation and it becomes blatantly clear that, as a child, he spent a great deal of time in timeout. He attributes this to the fact that his family let him watch one hour of TV (public access) at dinner time with the family and was never allowed to own a game systems.

Having a sister ten years older than him meant that he had to entertain himself on a daily basis. This inevitably led to all the rules being broken and hours spent on the timeout steps. So much of his time was being spent on the timeout steps that Momma-Bear started leaving books for him to read. As time on the steps increased the books started to decrease rapidly which led his father attaching a dry erase board to the adjacent wall as an experiment. From then on whenever the timer on the stove buzzed his parents would find him sitting cross-legged meticulously drawing on the board well after he was allowed to get up.

As time went on Joseph’s skills honed and people started to take notice. Radically talented it should come as no shock that he ended up attending the Savannah College for Art and Design. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design with an associate’s degree in Entrepreneurial Business and now owns and operates the Design firm Lufaluabu LLC and serves as the Creative Director for Urban Blooms.

Louis Stillpass
Director of Local and Regional Resources

Louis brings a passion for healthy, local, sustainable food systems and over three years’ professional experience in Cininnati-area nonprofits to Urban Blooms, where he has contributed to the development of the organization from its inception, including its mission, key relationships, business/operations model, and Board governance.

Louis has previously worked through LISC-Americorps for Price Hill Will and Santa Maria Community Services in Cincinnati’s Price Hill neighborhood, as well as the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati and the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati.

Louis graduated from the DAAP School at the University of Cincinnati in 202 with a Master’s Degree in Community Planning; and holds a B.S. in Environmental Studies from Emory University, with a Minor in Global Health. While working towards his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, Louis volunteered with several community garden projects and participated in sustainable/local food conferences in Cincinnati and Atlanta. Louis is excited for the opportunity to utilize his academic and professional background in community planning and non-profit administration for his home community’s benefit through activities he is passionate about.

Weston Wolf
Director of Marketing
Eric Van Duesen
Project Manager, Columbus

Eric Van Deusen began his work with Urban Blooms as a student at the Ohio State University. Eric is among one of the first graduating classes from the state-of-the-art EEDS Program (Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability), and his personal interest in design lead him to collaborate with Environmental Engineer and current Director of Urban Blooms, Tyler Wolf. Eric lead the on-site planning and funding for the Howlett Hall Living Wall and is now a Senior Project Manager with Urban Blooms. With an academic background mainly in environmental economics and policy analysis, Eric’s position with the non-profit company has propelled him towards a future in green building consulting and he plans to attain a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Design. Eric is currently conducting research that investigates the potential energy efficiency and biodiversity enhancement benefits of living walls, which he hopes will promote the innovation as a holistic approach to urban development.