About Urban Blooms


Urban Blooms aims to create more beautiful, sustainable, and environmentally conscious communities. This is accomplished through projects that both improve communities aesthetically and empower members of that community with sustainability education. These projects inspire onlookers and stretch the imagination through the elegant symbiosis of nature, technology, and art.

About Us

Urban Blooms was founded in May 2014 by a team of like-minded peers with a passion for the environment, community empowerment, sustainability, digital systems, and the arts. These passions, combined with the rising popularity of public murals, living architecture, and interactive art displays, inspired our team to create unique public displays that combined principles from each of these fields.

In order to maximize our impact, we partner with educational institutions, civic and municipal organizations, and corporate sponsors. Although we are known throughout the Cincinnati area primarily for our living walls, we work on a wide range of projects related to sustainability and ecology. We’ve revived old school gardens at North Avondale Montessori while introducing young students to the concepts of horticulture, built a beautiful green space in the East End Veteran’s Garden with the help of community veterans and other volunteers, and presented to several local organizations about best practices and new technologies in the sustainability sphere. Our living walls are our the most recognizable part of our footprint, but we have big shoes. Contact us here if you’d like to help us fill them.

Allegory of the Logo:

by Joseph Lufaluabu Kabenji

It’s easy to just sit down and design a logo. Anyone can do it. The real question is whether or not that logo truly represents the values of that company, client, brand or individual.

Tyler Wolf and I have been friends since the sandbox which actually made the process more difficult. As a designer, starting a company with a man whom I consider a brother it rapidly became impossible to separate conversational memories of starting a company with our current ambitions. Months went by, the stack of sketches got higher and every attempt to empty my imagnarium failed. So there was only one logical solution to the problem: stop trying to design from scratch and open the floodgates.

Camping trips, hours spent in the woods near our childhood houses, our love for technology and the need we have to use these advances to help our planet and the people on it were sent flying at a canvass. Old school tools, new school software and a colorful combination of both schools of design is how our logo was able to grow mother nature from a simple circuit.